Japanese Culture in Kyoto. | 東進ハイスクール国分寺校|東京都


2014年 3月 8日 Japanese Culture in Kyoto.

Hi, this is Hiroyuki Suzuki. I’m working for Toshin Kokubunji Branch.

During 3/3~3/5, for three days, I stayed at Kyoto. The purpose of this trip was to get to know Japanese culture more. It is because we  have  to be more familier with Japan and tell about the excellence of it to a lot of foreigners when we are asked to tell about it.

Actually, there are many foreigners in kyoto. However, around Ginkakuji-temple and Sanjyusangen-do, where is not so famous compared to famous places, like Kinkakuji-temple and kiyomizudera, there are few foreigners.

However,  I want foreigners to know more about these places.  So, I want to know about Japan more and tell about it.

In other words, I want to be a “cosmopolitan”. I think the word, “cosmopolitan” means the person who can tell  his/her own culture to people around the world in a foreign language. I want to be like this, and you to be, too.

For this reason, I stated to study Japanese cultures a little. I will try my best.

So, DO YOUR BEST to make your dream come true.


Hiroyuki Suzuki